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Crystal is simply AWESOME! I’ve had Alopecia for 33 yrs now and have went through many seasons with sparse eyebrows or patchy when they are falling out! She really loves what she does and it shows in so many ways. Very attentive to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the session from how your back is feeling to how your pain level is throughout the procedure. Her kindness and caring for others shines through immediately!

Now let’s talk about my eyebrows...they look so real! Crystal has the artistry and passion to give each one of us the best brows we’ve ever had!

I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity. And I’ve met a wonderful lady that I’m excited to call my friend.

Fay Allison

As a male I was very hesitant about getting this procedure done but crystal put me at ease and told me not to worry. Overall it was very relaxing and painless and with crystals great personality everything went with ease and time flew. The end results were great and my eyebrows looked very natural which is what I wanted. I highly recommend beautywithco to all males and females!

Yassir Abd

From the very beginning to the end, Crystal was amazing. Since I was from out of town and was only in Calgary for select days, I messaged her directly since the days I was there, her calendar was full. Not only did she get back to me within an hour, she rearranged her personal time off to accommodate me! SO KIND! The brows themselves are unreal/amazing/far better than I could have even imagined. I had some unfortunate work done on my brows a few years back, leaving me with non-symmetrical, reddish brows. I felt scared to even go back to anyone... this is a tattoo on your FACE. After reviewing her instagram page and viewing her incredible work, I decided to try again. She was patient hearing me out in what I was looking for and is an absolute perfectionist. My brows came out so realistic, natural, and she even managed to fix the symmetry! I highly recommend her services.

Angel Barqueros

Crystal was amazing. I was a little apprehensive prior to the appointment, but she welcomed in to her little oasis and it was a great experience. She walked me through every thing she was doing and chatted easily throughout the procedure. I now have wonderful eyebrows that my family and friends can't stop commenting on. Plus I woke up this morning and didn't have to do my eyebrows. Can't wait until they are fully healed. Thank you Crystal, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having this done.

Kristin Brown-Schoepp

Crystal was so compassionate and kind! She made the experience so relaxing and fun for me. I’ve lived with alopecia since I was 7 years old and within the last few years I’ve lost my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes nearly completely! Going swimming or doing anything active was something I dreaded terribly and now I have the opportunity to finally relax and enjoy my time doing all the things I love without sweating off my eyebrows! She went off of the shape I had drawn myself and I think she did a great job!

Thank you Crystal!

Haley Humera

Being a dude - I was quite hesitant on getting Microblading done for my non-existent eyebrows and stumbled across Crystal on Instagram! After a 3 hour drive down to Calgary and I was impressed! My brows look really good and I was surprised by how much more fuller and natural my eyebrows look! She was super friendly and walked me through the entire process! Amazing work!!

Cole Srey

I don't even know where to start! Crystal is such an amazing permanent makeup artist. She really takes the time to map out your brows and makes sure that you are okay with what she drew on. She makes sure to listen to what you need and how you want your brows to look! Crytsal is super kind, easy to talk to, punctual and overall very professional! She is quite the perfectionist which is what you should want your PMU artist to be! I got combination brows done by her and I love how they look!

10/10 would recommend :)

Munzhineal Hinola

I had my eyebrows tottooed recently and I couldn't be happier about the result. I had been considering it for at least two years. I am light blonde and my brows are naturally almost white, completely invisible. On top of that, not too many are left. Crystal suggested that microshading would be the best option in my case. She also recommended the colour that would not be too dark and would match my complexion. My brows look perfect now: very natural but clearly defined. They look so good that I don't even bother to tint my hairs, I just shave them. Crystal is a perfectionist, she really cares about what she does and she does it great. Her website is very informative. This was the main reason why I chose Beauty with Co in the first place.

Magdalena Fennell

Crystal did such a wonderful job! I am beyond amazed. I can’t stop checking out my brows ;)
She was so kind and easy to be near, I was actually so relaxed that I kept dozing off!
Alopecia can kiss my butt cuz I have an eyebrow girl now 😍

Morgan Gammon-Potter


Crystal Khuu

Crystal is a tattoo artist, educator and founder of The Orchid Studio Inc. Driven by passion and purpose, her dedication is to make every individual feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin through art. Each of her artwork is customized to each individuality.

"My mission every day is to make every individual feel more confident and loving in their own skin, leaving with a beautiful piece of art filled with memories that they will carry on throughout the rest of their days." - Crystal Khuu



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