Please read through prior and after your appointment.
Not adhering can impact your end results.


For best results, we recommend the following:

A week prior to your appointment, CAREFULLY exfoliate the area being tattooed and moisturize every other day so the skin is smooth/soft and ready for your session to avoid dry/flakey skin.

It is highly recommended that you avoid SUN/TANNING BED exposure for 30 days BEFORE and AFTER your procedure. If you show up for your appointment with a new tan or sunburn, you will need to reschedule and will forfeit your deposit. As your skin exfoliates from a sunburn, it will take the tattoo ink with it.


CAREFULLY shave the area you wish to get tattooed (if there is hair) prior to your appointment. Try not to cut yourself! If you cannot shave the area, do not worry the artist will do so for you.

DO NOT consume alcohol or blood thinning medication (ibuprofen and/or Aspirin) for a minimum of 24-48 hours prior to your appointment, to avoid excess bleeding.


  • Eat something prior and stay hydrated for your appointment.
  • Wear loose clothing for comfort during/after the procedure. Ensure clothing has easy access to area you wish to get tattooed.
  • Bring headphones, or something for entertainment during the session (iPad, tablet. charger, snack, water etc.)




  • Leave the provided second skin on for the next 3-5 days. 3 days minimum, 5 days max. If you find the second skin irritates your skin then feel free to take it off sooner. 
  • BEST way to peel off the second skin is to do so under lukewarm water, not DRY! Starting from a corner in one direction, always PULLING AWAY from the tattoo (like a command stripe from off the wall). DO NOT rip/peel it off like a bandaid.
  • Cleanse twice daily very gently with an unscented, antibacterial soap/cleanser for the next 3 following days after peeling off second skin, follow up with an unscented moisturizer. All natural ingredients/products only.
  • Once completely healed (4-6 weeks to be fully healed), apply SPF to help protect your new ink! Moisturize daily to help upkeep with vibrancy of the tattoo.
  • Need a touchup? Email the artist and we will get you in as soon as possible, no need to wait until our books reopen. There will be a $35 - $50 touchup fee depending on the severity needed for the touchup. If proper aftercare was not followed, or your tattoo has faded naturally from aging (or sun), the usual hourly rate will be charged for your touch-up.


  • Avoid pools of water or being submerged in water for too long for the next 4 weeks to avoid infections; ex, swimming, hot tubs, ocean, lakes etc. When showering, be extra careful and gentle with your new ink (try not to exfoliate or scrub off the scabs). Pat to dry with a clean paper towel, NOT A TOWEL (they have bacteria). Do not rub!
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, body exfoliations for the next 4 weeks.
  • Avoid any physical activities that may cause you to excessively sweat during the healing process for the next 72 hrs (this includes hot yoga, saunas, hot saunas etc). Salt in the sweat and bacteria from the gym can cause an infection of your tattoo and interfere with the healing process. MODERATE exercise is fine. 
  • Avoid scented chemicals, sunscreen on the new tattoo for the next 4 weeks of the tattoo.